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Yoga with Horses

Yoga on horseback improves focus on body alignment, body awareness and the ability to stabilize one body part while moving another. Both yoga and riding require a focused mind and  are physically and mentally challenging. Both require correct breathing and movement. The more freely you move and breathe on top of your horse, the more freely your horse moves and breathes underneath you.

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Certified in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga by Yoga Alliance™


I am writing to express my appreciation for my introduction to yoga on horseback. What an experience to feel completely connected to an animal while performing yoga. Previously I have done yoga quite regularly on my own.  I wasn't prepared for the amazing experience and the complete relaxation and peace I felt while engaging in yoga on horseback. The feeling of being able to completely surrender and the complete oneness I felt was exhilarating! Thank you so much Beth for this peaceful and amazing experience. I would recommend to  anyone who loves animals or yoga to try it.
Sincerely, Veronica

Yoga with Beth has engaged all muscles from head to toe as well as improved body awareness and breathing.  I am now able to hold my position and breath better while riding and jumping. 

Beth is truly a wonderful yoga instructor.
--Donna Simpson

Woman on Horse, Yoga Instructor in Waterloo, ON

Hi Beth, thank you for this most unique and enjoyable experience. You were an excellent instructor! I enjoyed every minute of it. What a delightful surprise to have been able to groom and prepare our assigned horse before the class. I enjoyed sharing this mind, body and spirit connection with my gorgeous horse, Shania. I highly recommend this event to anyone who loves horses and yoga!
--Stephanie Tran